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Windows Client With google SAML

asked on November 20, 2023

has anyone been able to successfully login with the windows client using a google saml account. we were able to get it working with the web client and forms, but when we try to do it on the windows client we get an error in event viewer.

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replied on November 20, 2023 Show version history

Hi William,

This is due to a bug that was fixed in Laserfiche Directory Server 11 Update 4:

  • You no longer receive the error message "{"ErrorCode":null,"ShowReturnLink":true,"Error":true,"Message":"An error has occurred"}" when attempting to sign into the Laserfiche Windows client through a SAML identity provider. (468996)

The bug affects SAML authentication through Windows Client generally and doesn't have anything to do with the Google SAML identity provider in particular.

I recommend you upgrade to Laserfiche Directory Server 11 Update 5 (latest release as of today) as it contains other SAML-related bug fixes as well. Should resolve the issue for you.

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