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Feature Request: Option to include pagination options to top right of table

asked on November 13, 2023 Show version history

With the new Forms Designer you can add pagination options to tables. Right now it only shows it at the bottom of the table. It would be nice if there was an option to select to also add the pagination options to the top right of the table as well.

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replied on November 14, 2023

Can you elaborate on why/where you want it at the top? I agree especially for long tables it makes sense to also have pagination at the top, but the right side has search/filtering so I'm not sure how we could put it on the right. The top center makes sense to do.

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replied on November 14, 2023

Zachary, the top right is just where I've seen other sites put it. Top center would work as well. The why is what you said, when there are long tables it makes it easier.

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