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Leave Request Form - Options for if approved leave needs to be cancelled

asked on October 26, 2023

Are there any ideas out there as to what process could be set up to accommodate the possibility of Leaves that are cancelled AFTER an approval?  Here are my initial thoughts:

  • This can be done, certainly, by not closing the form after approval.
    • Form is approved;
    • Applicant is Emailed about Approval;
    • Form sits until the date of the Leave;
    • Form can then be triggered to
      • Either end at this point (might not be accurate);
      • Or, assign to the approver or the applicant to confirm that the Leave was actually taken.  
  • There is a down side to doing the above. 
    • Changing the form process means additional work for everyone, every time.
    • Leaving the form process as is means an occasional bit of extra work only for the person that did not take the Leave.


But are those my only options?  I did find one other LF Answers post on this topic, but it appeared to be more complicated than I was hoping for:


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replied on October 27, 2023

I would have all approved leaves entered into a database table. You can then have an option on your form to Submit Approval for Leave or Review Previously Submitted Leave. If they choose to review, the form could do a database lookup based on an employee number or something else and populate a table on the form. You could have the option in the table with a radio button or drop-down field to cancel the specific leave request. After being submitted, if one of those options is set to cancel have it kick off a Workflow that does whatever is needed to cancel the leave.

For something that has completed the intent of a Forms process, I would not leave it as an active instance in Forms. I hope that helps.

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replied on October 26, 2023

This isn't the most elegant solution, but we added a "CANCEL" option on the form.

If someone decides to cancel their leave, they submit the same form with CANCEL selected and the same date/time range entered.

This alerts the approver that they will no longer be taking that time off.

We also append the word CANCEL to the end of the form that's filed in the repository, so there will be two entries: one for the original submission, and a second that looks identical except it's marked with CANCEL at the end.

Honestly, I don't love this, but it was low-effort and easy to tack on to our existing process.

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