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Feature Request - Ability to set a line break in Label name manually

posted on October 24, 2023 Show version history

Currently, if you make a field smaller than the Label length, the Label will break to a 2nd + line. Sometimes those breaks are not visually pleasing and so I'd like to have the ability to set the breaks myself.


Enter the Value

Where I would prefer the break to look like
Enter the 
Value here:


Nice feature would be to allow html in the label field.

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replied on May 2

The April update allows for this! 

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replied on May 2

If you are on Cloud.

For Self-Hosted environments, the latest release (Version 11 Update 5, which is 11.0.2311.50564) does not yet include this functionality.

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replied on October 25, 2023

Hi Steve, 

Thanks you for bringing this issue up! I have created it as a item (ID 492756), the Forms team is aware of this feature request and we will consider to support this in future Forms.

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replied on January 31

Same problem here. 

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replied on October 24, 2023

Yes!  That was one of the first things I noticed in the Modern Designer that was different than the Classic Designer, that we could no longer include HTML tags within labels and the text above/below fields.  Not only being able to put line breaks, but simple formatting like italics and bold.

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