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Add/Delete/Update Form Fields across all forms

asked on September 29

Hey All, 

This is a question/feature request post. 

I've had multiple instances where in one Forms business process, i might had more than 10 forms that are contain incremental fields. Meaning, fields are added on the form based on the process phase. (registration processes for example where each user fills his own information along with approvals and confirmations)

The bad part is that, when the user or myself want to change any field setting, Add a field or delete an unwanted field in Laserfiche forms, we have to go one by one through all the forms and perform that change.  

Well i've had this problem for a while now, but it wasn't hectic. But recently, bigger processes are being made and the urge of changes here and there is more frequent. I'm talking about processes with 50-70 forms. it is utterly HECTIC and a time wasting operation to go through each form for that change. 

Is there any workaround to perform such task in newer Laserfiche Forms versions ? if not, is there any idea whether this implementation is in Laserfiche's schedule update rollouts for Laserfiche Forms ? Maybe adding an option to indicate whether we would like to perform this change on all forms or on some forms. It is really time wasting for us as Laserfiche Solution engineers and clients themselves. 

Best Regards,

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replied on September 29

Hi Joseph, the new form designer now allows you to easily show hide sections or fields based on a Rule for Process Step or Stage. What this means is that typically you can reduce your process to one form and turn on/off what you need as you step through the process.

There are also some tricks that cn be deployed with the Classic Designer using Javascript and a couple hidden fields to meet the same behavior which was the impedence for these features in the new designer. Signatures fields are still a challenge but I continue to push Laserfiche to address that.

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replied on October 13

Hey Steve, 

Thank you for the above suggestions regarding the problematic case. The proposed solutions are ones that we already thought about.. but the big number of forms do not help the case and raises the support complexity on the process having this huge number of forms. 

I cannot use the new forms designer in this implementation as we already implemented our solution using the classic form. Using Javascript workarounds adds complexity to the process specially when the admin is not programming oriented.  

I really hope Laserfiche takes this matter into consideration as we've been experiencing this with many customers in many implementations. 

Thanks Steve again.


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