asked on September 28
  • A municipality (using web client 10.4) was having an issue where fillable PDFs were automatically checking boxes in Electronic view. 
  • We applied the latest version of web client (11 update 7) by mounting the ISO
  • The problem resolved, but the client found they could no longer view Word Documents or PDFs in the web client. 
  • We applied a Repair from appwiz (it wouldn't work from the ISO) and the client can now view Word documents, and some clients can view PDFs. Others cannot. 
  • The problem is linked to the client PCs, and seems to be a conflict between Adobe, web client, and the browser. 
  • A client who could not view PDFs in the browser logged into a different PC and the issue resolved. 


Various different versions of Adobe Acrobat exist on client PCs. We have not been able to nail down a common feature. Does anyone have a way to quickly troubleshoot the connection between web client and the PDF software?


Thank you.

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