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Restore previous template metadata

asked on September 27

We have a process where an active document is moved to a processing folder. Whilst in this processing folder, a new metadata template is applied with new metadata values. Once that is completed, the file is manually moved to a Records Management folder until it is disposed. 

However, upon a rare occasion, a request will come through to restore the file to active again. 

What I am trying to figure out is, how can I restore its original metadata template and values? I can create a workflow that stores the template name and values. This is based on the laserfiche database tables, toc, propval, propdef, propset and pset_props. I just can't work out how to set the template and values in workflow without creating a decision for each template etc. 

I know that I am probably not explaining this too well. Any help would be appreciated 

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replied on October 2

I think your best solution might be to either:

  1. Keep those values saved in fields outside of the template (a document can have fields assigned that are not part of the assigned template, they are just extra fields) - so that all fields both before and after the change remain in place, and perhaps the name of the prior template is listed as an additional field itself.
  2. Keep those values saved in a custom database table.  Have your Workflow record that values to the table prior to making any changes, and then if needed, it can look up what is in the table to use as tokens when reverting the change.
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