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Lookup info with no user task required.

asked on September 27, 2023

I would like to trigger a lookup between a user task and saving to the repository.  The use case is payment processing.  So finance signs off their user task affirming the invoice has been paid.  The check is actually processed the next day.  So what I'm looking for is the process to wait a day, pull the check info, and save to the repository, something like...  

User task sign off - wait 1 day - lookup check info - save to repository

I was hoping the save to repository task would trigger the lookup on the form, but it doesn't seem to be working that way.  Any suggestions?  Below is a screenshot of this portion of the process as it sits.


Ultimately, I'd like us to get to a point where Finance doesn't even have to affirm they have processed the payment.  The process would just continue to look for the check information, and once it's found it would complete the finance process on it's own and then save to the repository.


Hope this makes sense, any help offered is appreciated.  :)  

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replied on September 27, 2023

Hi, you mean you want to changing the variable's value by triggering lookup in the save to repository task? 

STR task cannot change variable's value by triggering lookup. If you want to change variable's value, you can try to use user task or workflow service task instead.  

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replied on September 28, 2023

You will want to have Forms initiate a workflow and have the workflow perform the lookup you need. Workflow can then pass the values back to Forms and set the variables that need updated before the form is saved to the repository.

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