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Total Number of forms submitted within a time frame

asked on September 27

We are looking for an easy way to report on the total number of forms submitted during a time frame.  If it can also provide the total number of each form processes submissions as sub-totals that would be golden.

I have pulled sort of a cumulative report from the Custom Forms Report, but the resulting charts are hard to read and do not show all of the processes selected no matter the format of the report with the Pie chart being the most legible as seen in the attachments.  We would prefer the ability to download not only the chart but the associated totals as a second sheet of the xlsx file.


Even if it is a SQL query providing the process's name, number of Submissions, and as a bonus, the stage of the submission if possible would be nice to build out other charts but not necessary.


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replied on September 27

Sorry for that Forms now does not support reporting on the total number of forms submitted during a time frame.

Thanks for these helpful advice on report features enhancement. And we would take these into consideration.

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