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One user is not receiving email notification when he is assigned a task from Forms.

asked on September 18, 2023

I have one user that for some reason doesn't receive email notification that a task has been assigned to him. The forms process worked previous with another employee assigned to the task. 


We have verified that the employee's email is correct and he can receive other emails. 

            I did find another similar case but I am still unable to resolve the problem. I did both suggestions               listed below in the case I found. 

Cannot send email notifications to a user - Laserfiche Answers

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Matthew Tingey / user 0 6208 07 • replied on March 31 
@Ellie Cromheecke - If the task is being assigned to the user properly (they receive it and see it in their 
inbox), and other users are getting the task assigned and receiving the email - and the only issue is this 
one specific user is not receiving the email, then... 
I can only think of one reason on the Laserfiche side this would be happening, and that would be 
incorrect email address listed for the user. 
Any other reasons I can think of, would be on the email side of things (like he has blocked the address 
these are being sent from). 
Couple ideas to troubleshoot: 
1. From the Forms Configuration site on your server, send a test email to yourself and a test email to 
the impacted user. If you receive it, but they do not, then it's a good bet there is something in their 
email settings that is preventing it (like blocking the sender address). If they do receive it, then I'd 
look deeper at the user record for Forms to make sure the right email address is listed. 
2. Verify what email address is listed for the user in Forms. Th can of course verify that in Forms 
from the menu at the top-right. But here's a database queryyou can run on the LFForms database if 
you'd like to dig deeper in to it: 
/ *search current user 
records for specific user*/ 
FROM CLFForms] . Cdbo] . [cf_users] 
WHERE [username] 
/*search historical user records for specific 
user* / 
FROM CLFForms] . [dbo] . 
WHERE [username] 

We deleted the user, and then created another user with the same email address. 


We copied the attributes from another user with similar job duties that is receiving emails and that didn't work. 


We don't see any errors in the process besides this user isn't receiving any emails from Forms. 

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replied on September 19, 2023 Show version history

When send email to the specific user from the Forms Configuration site on your server, does the user can receive the email successfully?


Also can you double check the "Assignment Options" on user task, it can be configured to send emails only when assign/ reassign or both.

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replied on September 19, 2023

When I went to the LF Forms Configuration I was able to verify the test email was successful, but the user didn't receive an email during that test. Please see screenshot below.  

I think my client has an older version of forms. Under the user's task I am only seeing the option to Email users when this task is assigned. 

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replied on September 27, 2023

Do you have any other suggestions? Should I open a LF support ticket? 

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replied on September 19, 2023

Hi, is it possible that the from email address has been blocked by this particular user?

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replied on September 19, 2023

We had the clients IT look, and he didn't see any rules blocking the emails from forms or redirecting the emails. 

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replied on September 19, 2023

This is not really related, but sending your way in case gives some food for thought. We had an issue where only internal emails (domain users) were receiving emails, but anyone with an external email was not. The test said successful, but the email was not received.  We found that since the email address was not a real email, i.e. donotreply @, that was causing the issue with our security application. Once we changed the from to a real email, the external emails reached the external parties. It sounds like this employee has the same email address domain as their peers, so doubtful this is the situation. 

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replied on September 21, 2023

Thank you for that information, yes in my case the client has the same email as his peers. 

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