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Laserfiche Cloud unable to adjust tags on input parameters

asked on September 18 Show version history

Hello, I am trying to update the Tag on my Input Parameters in LF Cloud for a client. I am logged in as the SupportUser with all rights and privileges. I am no longer getting the option to change the tag of an input parameter when I was able to perform this functionality on 8/28. I did see there was a recent release to LF Cloud and Workflow was part of that update, I don't know if that had some affect on what I am seeing. Please see screenshots below. 


Previous Screen shot form 8/28 – All Tags are String

Previous Screen shot form 8/28 – I was able to update the Tags

                Different workflow but used for testing.


Existing Parameter Screenshot:


New Parameter Screenshot:



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replied on September 19

Thank you for reporting it. We're aiming to have a fix for this out early next week.

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replied on September 27

Hello, do we have an update on when the fix will be released? Thank you

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