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Saving Form With Embedded iFrame Document to Repository

asked on September 18 Show version history

Hi all,

I believe that this question has been asked before but, after reading various posts on this topic, the answer is still not clear.  If you embed/display a repository document in a form using an iFrame, when you save that form to the repository the document in the iFrame is not visible in the saved document.  Is there any way to remedy this?    

Discovered after some testing that if the iFrame embedded file is an HTML file, it does in fact display in the saved repository document.  However, my need here is to display an embedded PDF or perhaps an image file like a JPG or TIFF, still shows as blank.

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replied on September 19

How did you embed your file? weblink or other ways?


When you upload image files by a file upload field, those image files can be displayed in repository successfully. (like screenshot)


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replied on September 20

Thanks for your reply.  The file I'm needing to display in an iFrame and save to the repository is not an upload on the form.  It is a file stored on a web server.

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