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Is it possible to create a your own forms global variable.

asked on September 18, 2023

We currently have 40+ forms per yacht and numerous yachts. The majority of the forms are duplcated across the fleet. Most of them email our office so we need to differentiate the emails and reports using the vessels name.

It would be good if we could create our own global variable for the vessel name and this would be used by all the forms by default.

At the moment the vessels name is hard coded into the emails once they are installed onboard.  When updating the form with its generic version from our library you have to remember to update the emails. I have looked into using a lookup to pull the vessel name from a table which would take a while as there are over 800+ forms.

If I was able to create a global variable then it would make the task easier. Is this possible?

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replied on September 18, 2023

I am having trouble understanding what your trying to accomplish, but a table and rules would give you a global variable by definition of the programming term.

A global variable in programming means a variable that is accessible from any function or anywhere in your code.

To have something like this in Laserfiche you just create a simple table with one column and one row, and a rule to get and set the one value.

Now you can read and change that value from any BP or any WF.

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replied on September 19, 2023

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I have already started doing what you described but doing it retrospectively across 1000+ forms is going to take a lot longer than I wanted. I probably shouldn't have used the term Global Variables but Process Variables instead.

To be able to create a single Process Variable 'vesselname' and be able to drop it into the numerous emails in the forms business process seemed a simpler route than having to add lookups.

No problem, thanks for your help.


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replied on September 19, 2023

If your goal is to try to have 1 form to maintain that does the job of the 1000+ forms, by changing only the data that is relevant to the task, you should have all the tools you need to do that.

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