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Get error trying to use forms fileupload control

asked on September 13

I have a form, that takes some data that I need to fill out that is used for the meta data of my uploaded document, like parent child location and file details.


I get the following error


Laserfiche Forms has encountered a problem.

Errors encountered during forms submission:
Field Name: File Upload, Position: 4, Error: Invalid attachment ID [LFF9315-InvalidAttachmentId] [LFF9312-ErrorOccuredDuringFormsValidation]


Attached is my form, is there any examples of using this control along with allocating template meta data

Upload Form.png
Upload Form.png (25.67 KB)
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replied on September 14

Can you clarify that the issue is specific to the wfx file type (winfax). 

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replied on September 15

Hi, it is  a standard Form that I created with a start of save to repository service task


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replied on September 25

Hi Karl,

What version of Forms are you using?

We've seen similar error with 10.4.2, the issue was investigated but root cause was not identified.

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