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URGENT! Admin User with full rights cannot log into Laserfiche Forms

asked on September 12


Recently we went through our usual password update for our Microsoft Accounts and Laserfiche Forms refuses to let me log in now. 

Laserfiche is tied to our Windows accounts, and I have a full license (see attached) with inherited rights.

I know I'm entering the correct password and even tried my old one for good measure. 

Please tell me Laserfiche has a backdoor way to get in because I'm currently the admin for this app and won't be able to help anyone.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? Was there something else our AD Team missed? The new updated password and username works everywhere except LF Forms.


We would appreciate any help we can get.


Wendy B

User has full inherited license.JPG
LF Forms Login Screen.JPG
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replied on September 12

ok it turns out the changes needed time to sync systewide! I'm back in again! thanks again

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replied on September 12

I would contact your Solution Provider.

Also note, that you are on an unsupported version of Forms. Version 9 was end of support December 31, 2021.

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replied on September 12

Hi,  not sure if you are using Directory Server, or how your users are set up. It could be that it hasn't synced with the password changes yet. There may also be something in event viewer, about your login.

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replied on September 12 Show version history

There is a backdoor to regain access to Forms if this happens. Open the forms configurator and go to the Repository Tab. There is a place to enter a username and password which is used to establish a connection to LFS, however when you do this it also auto configures that account with rights as a Forms Administrator.

So temporarily change this to any Laserfiche User account, such as the built in Admin account (you will need to temporarily assign a full license). Then login to Forms with that account to re-establish access.

Interestingly enough, the connection between Forms and LFS continues to be established without any problems if you remove the named license from the account. This means you could keep the connection established with a non-named service account and just give that account a license when you need to restore administrative access.

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