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Collection Validation (Forms 11 Update 4)

asked on August 17, 2023

In Forms 11 Update 4, when you click "Add" on either a table or collection, all the required fields are validated (highlighted red and displaying error message).

Is there any magic to stop this from happening? 

In the screenshot, I filled in the four required fields, then clicked the Add button.

We definitely want the validation to run on submission, but it feels like overkill when just adding a row. I'm expecting complaints.

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replied on August 17, 2023

Thanks for reporting this issue, we have logged it as a bug (ID 479911).


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replied on September 20, 2023 Show version history

One more issue that I see happening when a new row is added, is if a lookup is used to fill some of the values but allows the user to edit the filled values. If they edit those values, then add a new row the lookup runs again and overwrites the changes made by the user. 


EDIT: it was not a look up that is filling the field that gets written back over, but a function that pulls from the hidden field that depending on a check box was either filled by the look up value or a default null value. 

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