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Save Form Data to a CSV on Submit

asked on July 31

Hi - I have a Form in LF Cloud. An ID number is entered, then a Lookup Table Query runs to fill part of the form with the data that matches the lookup table ID. Including a hidden field called "Number of Times Your Information Has Been Updated"

Then the user fills out a few more fields and radio buttons on the form and submits it:

My Question is - How do I, on submission presumably, then update that "Number of Times Your Information Has Been Updated" field IN THE RECORD on the Lookup Table I used to originally populate the form?

So, if when the form was first populated, the Number of Times the Form has been updated is "5", then when the form is saved, that table cell should then be updated with the number "6" so that when someone returns to that form the Number of updates reads "6" and autopopulates into the form as such.


I'm trying lookup query's with an insert statement but I just cant seem to get it.

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replied on August 1

Hi Steve, you have to use the Update action instead. Your "where" statement would be the ID used, and the "set" statement would be the new Number of Times. You can use the token calculator activity to increment 1 to the old field if needed.

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