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Complete List of Laserfiche Aspire Badges?

posted on July 21

I want to know if there is a document or something that lists all of the Aspire badges you can get and how? I already have 21 but I want to know if there are some that I might have missed.

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Hi Ellie,

Our Laserfiche Certification Datasheet is available for download from our website, and is attached to this post for reference. This datasheet outlines all of the individual Certification Courses and Learning Paths for Laserfiche 10, that each include a badge. In addition, we have Cloud and Laserfiche 11 Certification Series that each offer a badge, including: 

  • Getting Started with Laserfiche
  • Getting Started with Process Automation in Laserfiche Cloud
  • Laserfiche Scanning
  • Digital Transformation with Laserfiche
  • Working with Laserfiche Forms 11


You can earn a badge by completing the respective Certification Series or Learning Path in Aspire and navigating to your Transcript > Snapshot page.

Once we launch the new Learning Paths for Cloud and Laserfiche 11, starting with Gold 11 and Gold Cloud Certifications in Q1 2024, we'll launch an updated datasheet with the relevant Certification Series and Paths, each will have their own badge. 

Hope that helps!

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