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App sends users to web Forms view instead of app view on iOS

asked on July 18, 2023 Show version history

***Update 7/24/23:  We seem to have found that removing the Repository selection from the login resolves the issue (setting Repository to None).  Of course this is not optimal and we need to perform further testing to ensure that the issue definitely does not occur without a Repository selection, but so far it seems to hold true.  A support case has been initiated.

We are having an intermittent issue where sometimes when users sign into the app (iOS devices), they are redirected to the web version of Forms rather than being directed to the app view.  This means they can't access the repository (even though they have selected both a repository and a Forms server in the login screen).  Sometimes I can duplicate this issue on my iOS device as well, but sometimes even though they are having the issue, my device reflects the proper app view.  I usually have them try rebooting their iOS device, deleting and reinstalling the app and sometimes that seems to work; however, this morning none of those things worked.  I also rebooted the server this morning to see if that would help but no luck.  Finally, I checked the Laserfiche Mobile Server Installation to see if there were any new updates and there were not.  After I checked this I tried logging into the app again and it was successful on my iOS device.  This is frustrating for my users, as they can't get work done when they need to with the view rendering inaccurately.  Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?

iOS 16.5.1 (c)


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replied on July 21, 2023

Hi Melanie,

This is not the intended behavior, as you've guessed, but we don't see the level of consistency and persistence that you've described -- as such, I recommend opening a support case so we can better troubleshoot.

We have occasionally see a brief flash of the web version of Forms after logging in due to how login is implemented, but cannot reproduce this type of persistence after initial login, which makes it challenging to address.


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replied on July 24, 2023

Support case has been opened.  Thank you.

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replied on July 25, 2023

I am seeing the same thing, have started a case with my VAR that hopefully they can ratchet up to LF quickly

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