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How does Laserfiche compare with MS Syntex?

asked on June 16

Microsoft Syntex is a content understanding, processing, and compliance service that uses intelligent document processing, content artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced machine learning to automatically and thoughtfully find, organize, and classify documents in your SharePoint libraries.

How does Laserfiche compare?  Is Syntex a competitor? Or will Laserfiche integrate with it?


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replied on July 6

Syntex does not appear to integrate with any content store other than SharePoint. We are looking into providing AI-powered functionality similar to what Syntex does, though at this point I can't say more than that. If you have any specific use cases in mind, or if there is something that makes Syntex especially interesting to you, we'd be interested to hear it.

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replied on July 12

Thanks Brian. Our clients have not yet raised it with us yet, but I can see the appeal. The ability to automatically classify docs is very appealing to organisations:  many struggle to get staff to do this properly.  So I suspect we will hear more about Syntex, which is relatively new.

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