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Does Cloud HTTP Request Rules have the ability to include a document or only text tokens?

posted on June 6

I was looking to pass a document from Cloud to an On-Prem API as a workaround since WF does not have an option to briefcase between Cloud and On-Prem.

There seems to be a method available which accepts a file in the post body but the rules for HTTP requests only show tokens of type text available.

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replied on June 7

Aha! I see now, I needed the multipart/form-data data content type in order to use File. Seems to be working and I assume I replace <file.pdf> with the token. Going to give it a good test after I route some ports.

Thanks for your help.

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In your Cloud web request rule, under the "Request" tab, you should be able to set the Method to "POST" and the Content Type to "multipart/form-data".  You can then add a token to the Content Body which will allow for a file.  See screenshot below.  You can then follow the directions in our guide that you linked to above on how to make a multipart-form request to our API.



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