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Is there a way to track changes made to a form process?

asked on May 25, 2023

With 3 Systems Analysts, and Multiple Named users that have their own forms processes in our School District it has become apparent we need to identify who made a change or "save" to a form or process diagram within a form processes.


Is there a log or data table entry of the last saved state of a forms processes or even better yet the individual processes components?


We are c currently An Avante Client running Forms version 11.


Thank you for any information in advance.

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replied on May 25, 2023 Show version history

Laserfiche Forms Update 3 introduced Audit trail for Forms.

"Inclusion of Laserfiche Audit Trail Starter Edition

  • Forms Audit Trail records events that take place in Laserfiche Forms, enabling you to view those events as part of a report. Laserfiche Forms sends the audit events to Laserfiche Audit Trail for archiving and reporting.
  • The Starter edition of Forms Audit Trail will be available for Laserfiche Forms Server with Forms Professional license and will not be available for Laserfiche Forms Server with Forms Essentials license"


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replied on May 25, 2023

Laserfiche: version control would make a lot of sense for this.

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