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Workflow "HTTP Web Request" JSON Response Character Limit

asked on May 24, 2023

I am able to successfully get a JSON response using the HTTP web request in the workflow but seems to be limiting the number of characters it will accept in the response. Is there a way to increase this?

I tested out a request that gives a much smaller JSON response and the full response was received, so it is clear there is some sort of limitation. 

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replied on May 24, 2023 Show version history

Do you know how many characters you're getting in the response?

Also, are you sure the response is being cut off when you run the workflow? Something to note is that the token values shown in the instance history can be truncated.

Before saying for sure that the response was cut off, I would suggest you get a sample API call with a predictable result, then use the Read JSON activity and try to check for a value near the end of the expected response.

It's more likely that things are fine within the workflow instance and it only gets cut off in the places you're looking during testing.

See the following post:

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