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New PDF document in .intake folder does not start Workflow

asked on May 9 Show version history


I am creating a permit using Workflow's Update Word document, Create Entry, Attach Electronic Document, Assign Field Values.

It is being saved into the .intake folder, where the starting rules are set up to automatically start processing when a document arrives there.

These pdfs don't process though.  The Workflow never starts and they remain in the .intake folder.  I can manually launch the workflow (as a business process) and they process fine.

I can also move them out and back into the .intake folder and they process.

Other files automatically process out of the .intake folder.

I am using 10.4.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


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replied on May 9

Can you share the starting rules you have for this workflow?

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replied on May 9

As Matthew mentions, the starting rules are the most likely source of the issue. Additionally, if you go into the workflow subscriber trace you can look at how the different rule conditions are evaluated to see what is causing it not to be triggered.

The Subscriber Trace Log would be the most useful and will provide a list of both the monitored events and how the various active rules were evaluated.

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