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Enhancement Idea - Secondary Start Events on Forms

posted on April 25, 2023 Show version history

I'm finding myself in need of different Message Start Events for Forms, and I'd love to see this as an added functionality in the future.

Our organization has two divisions with separate branding and colors, which means for public versions of Forms, I have to make two versions.  I'm mostly using the Forms Layout Designer for these as I find the structure of the modern designer works better for items that I need to be visually flexible for different devices.  But then the version of the form for internal staff use often needs more customizabile functionality for staff to use, so I have to make a third process, which uses the Classic Designer for the more robust Javascript options.  I'll usually use the staff version as the default version with additional tasks and stages, where everything that needs to be reviewed/approved/archived/etc. is handled.  And then the two public versions just use a Workflow to copy all the data into the default process, and end.  So they are just Submission, Workflow, and End processes.

Ultimately, what I'm ending up with is three different processes, just so that I can have a slightly different look and feel on the submission.  And I have to be really careful with changes, to make sure the changes are done the same in all three processes.  The whole thing is annoying, but I don't have a better solution with current functionality.

What I'd like to see enhanced is the ability to set the default start event as it does now, this is what would be triggered by the Start Process menu and by the primary form URL, but then the ability to add additional Message Start Events to the process, that are flagged as secondary start events, that are triggered via a different URL, and can display a different form.  With that change, I could have a single process, with all three version of the start included.

The ability to have secondary start events of the other types (timer, workflow, etc.) could also be helpful, and could open up options to have alternate process flows, etc.  But I'm less concerned with that, than the Message Start Events, and being able to have different versions of the form for the different URLs.

There is talk that we could have additional division(s) opening in the coming few years, so this problem is going to get harder for me, not easier.  This functionality would help so much to manage this kind of stuff.

I'm on Version 11.0.2212.30907 currently.

Thank you for your consideration.

EDIT TO ADD:  Additionally, since Workflow cannot push an attachment into a Form process - even if copied from another form - I can't currently have attachments in these website submissions without requiring manual intervention for an employee to receive them and attach them to the new form instance, or doing a weird workaround with the attachments in the repository.  So this enhancement would improve that situation as well, since the submission would be part of the same process and not be required to be submitted as a separate process.

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replied on June 5, 2023

Hey @████████- this was the post I was talking to you about during Empower.

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replied on June 7, 2023

Awesome, I've noted this and will update this page if this is feasible to add to forms

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replied on June 7, 2023

Please oh please be feasible!  This would help me so much.

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replied on July 12, 2023

Hey @████████- I think this other post by @████████could be another use case for this functionality.  They made a copy of a process in order to have an alternate language version of the form.  That's pretty similar to my needing to have different versions of the process in order to have forms with different branding.

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