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LFv11 Audit Trail - reporting of weblink access in a BI tool

asked on March 20 Show version history

In LF 10.x I used to be able to access the Audit Trail data via PowerBI and made some very beneficial reports that showed access counts on a monthly basis, document view counts on a monthly basis and also the location of the Top 20 accessed files....

The rub is that I also had this for all time, since I could pull it through the db directly.

So.....anyone have an idea of how I can manage this now? I need a good solid overview in a BI tool!

If I can identify the cycle of data actually being stored in the AudtTrail tables I can easily set up SQL server jobs to copy out what I need on a daily/weekly/monthly cycle for my use, but I need to identify if that actually works. 


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replied on March 20

Hi Rob,

For Audit Trail 11, you can take a look at this FAQ article. Hope the following Q&A there helps.

Q: Previously, I could directly access the audit reporting SQL database to run my own queries and generate my own audit reports or charts as an automatic scheduled task. Can I directly read the search catalog?



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replied on March 23 Show version history

Okay, here is the Actions section of my Task, can you see where I have something incorrect? the task will run, but nothing is produced. Not certain where it is failing! Hope you can help Leon!

  <Actions Context="Author">
      <Arguments>-File "C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Audit Trail\Samples\Export-AuditReport.ps1" -Repository 'CityofSalem' -ReportId 'XwaJVWXrLE-S9YzyMuNzFA' -ExportFile 'C:\ProgramData\Laserfiche\AuditAnalytics\Export\LFAudit10Extract.xlsx'</Arguments>

edit: I finally got the task running! 

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replied on March 21

Oh, that is great, I have some work to do now, thank you very much Leon!

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replied on March 21

Hi Leon I have a followup question on the FAQ you pointed me towards:

Regarding this line:

Q: Can Audit Trail 11 reuse reporting data from an Audit Trail 10 SQL database?

No. Audit Trail 11 will only migrate the data from archived audit logs. It will not migrate reporting data from an Audit Trail 10 reporting SQL database. However, it will migrate saved report definitions.

Does that mean that I cannot access the data from our AuditTrail10 instance and can only grab the data on the AutditTrail11 instance via powershell?

Thank you!


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replied on March 21

Hi Rob, 

If you keep using Audit Trail 10 instance, you can continue to access the data from SQL database used by Audit Trail 10. If you upgrade your Audit Trail to version 11, you can only grab data by following the Q&A instruction. But we won't remove the old SQL database, which means you can still access the existing data there if you need.



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replied on March 23

Leon you have been super helpful! 

I now have a powershell script that I can run to grab the report extract, then using python and SQL server Job I can get the data back into the db where I need it!

I am having issue with getting task scheduler to run the powershell script to extract the data though, so working on getting that cycle running currently

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