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Email Archive agent

asked on March 17 Show version history

I have just begun using the Email Archive agent. I am hitting an issue and I don't know if it's a bug or if I'm not setting the right settings.  My situation is that I am monitoring an inbox for 2 different types of emails. I need to handle the PDF attachments in these emails. The attachments are being stored in an incoming folder in LF as a LF document, where a workflow kicks off to manipulate the document.


In one type of email, both the subject line and the attachment name are formatted somewhat similarly, They both basically have <Name> - <ID> - <Year> - <subject> in them. In the agent configuration for this document type, I have it set to separate the attachment and discard the email message. The LF document property for Name is set to %(EmailSubject). I noticed that even though I had it set to EmailSubject, the LF document was named the same as the attachment, but I didn't think too much about it.


In the second type of email, I am having a problem. This is because, unlike the first type of email, the email subject is formatted as <Name> - <ID> - <Year> - <subject>, but the attachment name is a generic name. I set up my agent import profile the same as the first one, with the document property for Name set to %(EmailSubject). Now it's a problem, because in Laserfiche, instead of the LF document name being the email subject as I would expect, the LF document name is the generic attachment file name. Therefore, my workflow has no detailed name to parse apart for the various values.


How can I get just the converted PDF attachment in LF as a document, and having the email subject as the file name as it sounds like it should?


I can probably send redacted screenshots if you need more information, but hopefully I have explained the problem well enough. Thank you.

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replied on March 17

I think this is a bug, in that attachment handling is completely different than the email message, when you need to separate the two but use some details of the email message for the attachment.


Having said that, I found a way around this for now. I created a "notes" metadata field in LF Administrator. In the EMail agent I have it add the notes metadata field to the generated LF document, and I store the Email Subject in this metadata field. I can then retrieve the metadata field in the workflow and parse it apart for the needed info.

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replied on March 17

Hi Mark, if you believe this is a bug, the best way to get it to the right team for investigation is to have your Solution Provider file a support case on your behalf.

In the case, link to this post, provide as many details as possible if not already included here (like those screenshots), and upload the profile XML. You can find that on the machine where Email Archive is installed under this directory:


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