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Windows Client Appearance

asked on March 17

Hi All,


I seem to remember this being asked before but I can't find the original post. 


The windows client is looking rather 'dated', especially when you put it next to the web client. 


Are there any plans to update the 'look and feel' of the windows client to look a bit more 'slick'?



Chris Douglas

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replied on March 17

Short answer - no. There are no plans to give the Laserfiche Windows Client a major UI modernization overhaul. It would be an enormous undertaking. While we understand that there are legitimate scenarios to continue using it, fact is that the vast majority of our customers/users have transitioned (or are transitioning) to Web Client, further limiting the potential ROI on a Windows Client UI overhaul.

However, I would encourage you to try out the multi-platform Laserfiche App that's available from the Microsoft Store. It can run on Windows 10/11 and uses a much more modern UI framework as you can see from the screenshots on the Store page, like so:

Though its feature set is limited compared to the Laserfiche Windows Client, you may find it suitable some use cases.

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