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Digital Signature Integration with Forms 11

asked on March 13

Is there any way I can integrate something like Adobe Sign or Docusign into my form?

This is the flow so far, and I would like to be able to integrate e-signatures into the “Department Head Submits Cover Sheet”, “Send to County Attorney to Sign”, and “Send to Legislative Chair to Sign” steps.  Now, I’ve seen that there is a process template for external signatures with Adobe Sign but I don’t know how that would work in this case since there are multiple signers for one form.  Any help would be appreciated.

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replied on March 13 Show version history

I can't speak to Adobe Sign, but DocuSign has a full API, so there are ways to process it, but it's not a quick plug-and-play kind of setup.

I am speaking from experience here, I have multiple form processes that work through DocuSIgn to populate and send templates out for signature, it required a lot of prep work and testing to get it working.

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replied on March 14

An AdobeSign BP was added to Solution Templates for Self Hosted systems. It contains the Forms and Workflows for request a Signature in a Form process and WF making the Webservices calls to AdobeSign for Signatures. Gives you all the pieces, you just need to figure out how to use it what they created with your process. 

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