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How to display form comments on the main form page

asked on March 7

I have been tasked with creating a form for the first time. I have been self-taught and have been reading and learning here. I have one question I couldn't really find. How to display form comments on the main form page. I'm talking about the comments from the users who have been commenting on the form as it's been circulating. Instead of only being on the action panel. I have what I'm talking about attached in a photo. 

laserfiche forms question.PNG
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replied on March 7

I create a multiline field and name it Comments.  On my forms I use this CSS to hide the default comment box.  

.approval-wrap .comment-section { display: none; }



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replied on March 8

That seemed to work great. Is there a way to display the past comments from that field in the form as it keeps moving through?

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replied on March 8

This is what I provide to my users that wish to keep a track record as they go along in a process:

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replied on March 8

If you just want to let the next task user see comments then in the email section of an email or user task you can insert in the body area this code,


Issues: {/dataset/_comment}

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replied on March 8 Show version history

Connie, I like that option too. Great idea!!!!

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replied on March 8

that's pretty slick craig!!!

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