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Request: Add Answers Topic for Classic/Modern Forms Designer

posted on March 2, 2023 Show version history

Just a thought, but I feel like it would be beneficial at this point to add specific Topic filters in Answers to distinguish between posts related to the Classic or Modern designers, just like we have Topics to differentiate between version 9/10/11.

The approach, options, etc., differ wildly between the two form designers, so I feel like we always have to start a reply with "which designer are you using?" unless they specifically indicated a pre-LF11 version.

Either that, or someone will post a quick response with a solution known to work in the classic designer only to discover it's not currently possible or requires an entirely different solution with the modern designer.

As a result, it takes more back-and-forth for someone to reach a good answer to their question.

If the poster, or another user with permissions, could select that topic, once the designer has been identified, I think it would be helpful for everyone involved, including people who stumble onto the question while searching for their own issues.

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replied on March 2, 2023

Done and done.

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