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Connector - Regular Expression(Pattern matching)

asked on February 1

Hi All,

I am working  on a web page to extract values via connector. I having issue with pattern matching.

1. ID number - %(T Number;#<\s*(T\d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d)>#) - T02345194

2. Name - want to extract the name and remove the number - can any one help me with the pattern matching





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replied on February 1 Show version history

Am I understanding this correctly?  You are working with a string of text that will look something like this: 

ID: T02345194 Dhaliwal, Amarpreet K.


And from that string of text, you want to extract two values: the ID number and the name.  Like this:

Dhaliwal, Amarpreet K.


If that's correct, then you probably just need something along these lines. 



That's a pretty basic set-up, so it is making a lot of assumptions about the fact that the string will be pretty similar every time.  If there is a lot of variation, or other values around this string, then the RegEx will likely need to be more robust/complex.

Note - I used to test these.  It also explains each part of the expression.

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replied on February 2

Thanks Matthew, will try with my string.




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