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LFDS Cluster Setup Questions

asked on January 30

Dear Support, 

I don't think all steps are included in the Documentation (Failover-Clustering-with-Laserfiche).

We have setup 2 servers for LFDS, setup the Cluster Role and the correct SSL Certificates. I am able to access the LFDS Landing page and create licenses. I have tested on LF Server and it seems fine, but on Forms it seems like it does not talk to the License Manager side. Port 5048 and 5049 is open to the LFDS Server and the Cluster address.


This is the error I am getting on LF Forms when opening the config page:



  1.  What should the settings be on LFDS XmlEndpointUtility?
    1. Fully qualified domain name, should it be the actual server address or cluster address?
    2. Approved Security token services, should it be the actual server address or cluster address?
  2. What should Forms XMLEndpointUtility be?
  3. Is there any other configuration I am missing perhaps?


Kind Regards,


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replied on February 6



This is resolved, I missed the part where the cluster you setup should be the name of cluster you enter in the settings page of LFDS. 

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