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.pdf to generate B&W Image

asked on January 27

I am running a bunch of .pdf documents through Quick Fields using the LF Capture engine. I want them to convert to .tiff format, black & white and scale the images to 300 DPI. I have set the following conditions under Document Content:

However my documents do not convert to B&W or scale to 300 DPI, they stay as colour .

Any suggestions as why this is not working? It has worked in the past.

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replied on January 27

What is the state of these other 2 options?

And does the document already have image pages in Laserfiche? By default, Quick Fields will use existing images, if any.

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replied on January 30 Show version history

Voila that worked!! I had the Retrieve image checked off, but not the overwrite option. 


Thank you for your help!

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