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Forms timezone submission difference of -3 hours

asked on January 24

I have a customer with a two Forms server setup (internal & DMZ). Both servers are set correctly to EST in Windows, the default timezone in Forms Config is EST, the process options in question is set to EST, and their domain controller is EST and using the proper Windows Time service.

Submissions coming in through Forms show a time difference of -3 hours, almost like it's PST, but I cannot find where it might be getting it. Everything else about the system is working fine with the submissions.

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replied on January 24

Where are you seeing the time difference? If it is when you are logged in to Forms and looking at times in the interface, have you checked what time zone your account is set to in Forms?

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replied on January 24

It was the account used for the Forms process. It was set to PST. I didn't even know that was a thing. Thanks!

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