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Collection/Table invalid number of rows and forms validation error

asked on January 24, 2023 Show version history

We just upgraded to Forms 11.3 and have noticed that tables and collections that have field rules associated with them generate this error when they are hidden, even though they are set to ignore data when hidden.

The tables and collections are set to "Append sets to the sets populated by a data source or variable" with values 0 min and 0 max because we don't want users to add or remove rows, just update data in the existing rows when the table/collection shows. 

I changed the setting to a range and used CSS to hide the add and remove buttons as a workaround. Has anyone else been running into this issue?

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replied on January 27, 2023

Hi Carlos,

We are not aware of such issue and I could not reproduce it on my side;

Can you provide more details on how your process is configured?

It was better if you could attach a video for reproduce, thanks.

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