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Laserfiche Forms pulls list of all Oracle tables and views in database instead of just the tables and views the login account has access to

asked on January 19

I've been beating my head against the wall on this one for over a year, and opened a few support tickets with Laserfiche, but still don't have a resolution. Hopefully someone in the community has run into this and found a fix!

My Oracle skills are not great, so please correct me if I get any of the terminology wrong.

We have an Oracle data source for our Laserfiche forms that has thousands of tables and views in the table dropdown in Lookup Rules. However, the account we use to log into the data source only has access to a total of 45 tables and views from the entire database. 

It's as if Laserfiche Forms is using PUBLIC SYNONYMS instead of just the schema assigned to that specific user account. So we get a listing of thousands of tables and views that Forms can't actually use.

In addition to making forms development really annoying and slow it causes the sync process and importing new processes from our test server to our production server really slow and prone to crashing. 

Is there a setting or change I can make in either Forms or Oracle to fix this? 

We are self hosted and on Laserfiche Forms 11 Update 2. I'll be testing update 3 soon.

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replied on January 19

Hi Glen,

When Forms pulls tables, it will get the objects the user can access from all_tables and all_views, instead of user_tables and user_views.

Please refer to this post:

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replied on January 26


Is there a way to change this behavior? Like should I try getting a connection string from our Oracle team that only shows the tables and views the login account has access to instead of everything listed in all_tables and all_views? 

Or is there a change that can be made in the Forms applicaiton database that would tell it to only access what's in user_tables and user_views? 

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replied on January 27

This is not configurable option on Forms side;

If you can access the oracle database, you can run query like this to get a list of table/views:

SELECT TABLE_NAME AS table_name,null as schema_name FROM all_tables UNION SELECT VIEW_NAME, null as schema_name FROM all_views ORDER BY table_name

Can you ask your Oracle team to confirm the table list and grant proper rights to the user?

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replied on January 30

So there's a way in Oracle to limit which tables and views the account Laserfiche is using can see in ALL_TABLES and ALL_VIEWS?

The issue is that database has tens of thousands of views and tables, and the massive glut of information is causing Laserfiche to stall and do odd things whenever we refresh the data source or import forms processes.

Seeing the views and tables isn't the problem. The probem is seeing too many tables and views.

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