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Securing your Process Automation resources and data should be a top priority when you are working in Laserfiche Cloud. You should consider the following when building your Laserfiche Cloud processes within Process Automation: 

  • What groups in your organization are responsible or in charge of the different processes? 

  • Who should be able to see the collected data from your processes? 

  • Who should be able to configure and design your processes and resources? 

  • Who should manage the security for sets of processes and delegate security roles? 

  • Who should be able to initiate your business processes? 

The goal is to configure your Process Automation security so that the correct individuals are able to manage who can design your processes as well as see the collected data. 

Securing with Teams and Projects 

Learn about teams and projects here

It is highly recommended to create your business processes within a project security context that is managed by the appropriate team. Teams can give access to external team members as they desire to view the collected data or edit their processes. 

Adding Process Automation resources to projects will secure the data that is collected from these processes as well as the configuration abilities for these resources to approved team members or external individuals. 

Below is the current list of available resources to be secured within projects. More will continue to be added in the future:

  • Business Processes 

  • Surveys 

  • Lookup Tables 

  • Rules 

  • Application  

If resource types such as Business Processes or Surveys are not secured within projects, there could be a potential security risk in your Laserfiche Cloud system. 

Existing Business Processes 

Pre-existing businesses processes within the Global security context should be migrated to the appropriate team and project security context that it belongs to. There is a security risk in not doing so as all ACS Process Developers have access to the Global security context and thus can view and edit the processes and collected data. More information on how to migrate and retain previous instance data, can be found here.

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