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Cloud Data Source Query Rule - Setting Null Values

asked on January 10, 2023

Hi all,

We are using a data source query in Laserfiche Cloud to run an UPDATE statement against an on-premise SQL Server (using a remote agent).

The agent works great, we can lookup data and write data back to the tables really easily. One thing we have noticed however is that using an UPDATE query, there is no way (that I can see) to set a columns value to NULL.

Running an INSERT query is fine, because you can choose to just not map the column in the rule, but if there is currently data in the column and you want to set it back to NULL there doesn't appear to be a way to do this.

If there is a way could someone let me know how please, or if not could I raise this as a feature request?

Many thanks,


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replied on January 10, 2023

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the request! We don't have a specific time estimate but we've been looking into improving our query experience - I'll be sure this is part of that and on the team's radar.



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replied on January 11, 2023

Thanks Kevin!

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replied on August 31, 2023

Hi - just adding a comment to support this feature request.  Please implement the ability to set null values in lookup table columns.   Queries with where clauses filtering on null or not null are pretty common. 

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