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Laserfiche 11 December Release

posted on December 21, 2022 Show version history

Laserfiche 11 has released a new update for several products including Forms, API Server and Audit Trail. Check out new features here


Forms Updates 

Process approvers can now directly approve tasks with buttons embedded in task emails. Additionally, user task properties are now available in task reminder emails and other steps, to give users more context when completing tasks. 

Process designers can now add multiple action buttons to forms, allowing for different paths of action depending on the button selected.  

Process administrators now have more insight and control over business process instances and users such as being able to reopen completed and terminated instances and update file upload variables for in-progress instances 

The new Forms layout designer has several updates that include more out-of-the-box JavaScript support that requires no coding, dynamic validation of field values and search and pagination in form tables and collections. Other updates allow for uploading images into custom HTML fields, conveniently multi-selecting fields to add CSS classes to them, and much more. 

This release includes many updates to field rules that uses rules to dynamically affect the look and function of forms. The following actions can be determined dynamically by one or more other fields: 

  • Show/hide action buttons. 

  • Enable/disable fields. 

  • Require/not required state of a field. 

  • Show/hide pagination buttons.  

  • Show/hide next/previous pages. 

  • Show/hide fields. 

  • Change validation requirement dynamically depending on conditions. 

  • Enable/disable field rules. 

Security updates in Forms include support for OAuth 2.0 for Office 365 and Gmail. 


Audit Trail Updates 

Forms Professional now includes Starter Auditing features which track user and process activities taking place through Laserfiche Forms. This helps organizations to meet compliance requirements when using forms to collect sensitive data. 

Administrators can now create a report on actions audited in Laserfiche Forms from the Audit Trail reporting page.  

Laserfiche API 

The Laserfiche API Server includes a RESTful API and language-specific libraries to enable developers to quickly build integrations with Laserfiche. 


Full details of all of the enhancements and fixes included in this update can be found in the KB at Software versions and fixes included in the Laserfiche 11 Download Package - Knowledge Base

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replied on December 21, 2022

You can also check out the recent Webinar showcasing this update along with other topics specific to self-hosted customers on-demand at

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replied on December 21, 2022

When will the help files be updated? I'm a bit confused about how to use the new Inline JavaScript; copying and pasting from a legacy form that got converted to the modern designer doesn't work and the help files don't have info about it yet.

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replied on December 22, 2022

Yes, we're a little bit behind on the JavaScript documentation, but it should be available by the first week of next year.

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replied on January 4, 2023
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replied on December 22, 2022

What does Enable/Disable a field mean? I couldn't find anything about it in the help files yet.

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replied on December 22, 2022

Looks like it can set fields to read-only (disabled) or make them editable (enabled). I tried setting it for a whole section, but it didn't actually do anything.

The combination of enable/disable, read only/not, and show/hide the "submit" buttons--and being able to set it by stage--means I hopefully can get to a point of having just 1 form for a process instead of a dozen.

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replied on December 27, 2022

Minor update: setting up a real form today and setting a section worked to disable the whole section (make it read-only) based on the step of the process.

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