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3 year records management plan

asked on December 16, 2022



I am to write a 3 year Laserfiche/ Records management plan for our district. I was wondering if anyone who has started LF from the ground up has ever completed one? If so can you guide me as to where to even start.............


Thank you

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replied on December 19, 2022

Hi Allison,


Records Management can be super easy or super complex, it all depends on how complex your cutoff and retention policies are. 


A good starting point is to give this white paper a read through, that should point you in the right direction.


The key thing is to make sure you've got all your retention policies agreed before you start, and that you're on a version of Laserfiche which supports flexible records management (10.4.x or higher), as that will also make your life a lot easier.


Hope this helps!

Chris Douglas

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