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How to ignore value of all fields under a section when it's hidden?

asked on November 16, 2022 Show version history


  1. User fills the Form (originalForm) with an Applicant and it's Spouse information. Later during the audit, auditor uses the similar form (auditForm) within the same form designer. Auditor selects "No" option for the "Spouse?"(Y/N radio button), which hides "Spouse info" section that has some more fields under.  Then user submits the form.  
  2. An UpdateInfo workflow runs when the form is updated/submitted. It retrieves field data from both forms and prints all those Spouse information into a word doc.


Problem with the form: A Field Rule on the form hides the Spouse section, hence it ignores the value of itself, fields under that section continue to keep their value.

I also tried following steps;

  • opened the form again, changed the radio button to Yes,
  • that shows the Spouse section,  
  • manually erased all values from each Spouse related fields,
  • changed the radio button back to No,
  • that hides the Spouse section again,
  • then summited the form. This didn't save those fields as blank fields.  
  • If I open again, I find all spouse data there again, they were not actually erased and saved.


In order to prevent spouse information from printing on the word doc I decided to reviewed the workflow. I thought about adding a Conditional Decision and Assign Token to assign spouse info to new token(s) based on "Spouse(Y/N)" data, but I am not sure if I can use/assign  %db.null  to the token when "No" is selected, I haven't tried yet.  

I don't want to see Spouse information printed if "No" is selected for "Spouse (Y/N)". How can we handle that? Inside the form or inside the workflow, if so which activity I can use?

I have admin rights, but I'm new to Laserfiche, we use version 10.4 on premises.

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replied on November 17, 2022

You should be able to add a field rule to hide the "Spouse" section and ignore the data when hidden if the "Spouse" radio button = "N". That should prevent all of it from being saved. Another idea is to modify your workflow with a conditional action that checks whether the "Spouse" radio button is "Y" or "N" and only adds data to the Word doc as needed.

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replied on November 18, 2022 Show version history

Kevin, thank you for your reply. 

Yes, I didn't mentioned but it's already set to " ignore the data when hidden", but it doesn't apply to other fields in that section, such as spouseFirstname, spouseLastname. 

Your suggestion about modifying the workflow is exactly what I thought, but I just don't know which next activity should I use. I plan to use Assign Token, see picture below. I'm not sure if there is a better way by using another kind of token to do that. 


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replied on November 18, 2022

%db.null is not something Workflow understands. I think you mean %(db.null)?

Update Word Document has an option to remove un-filled fields, so you don't have to set any tokens. Just put the Update Word Document in the YES branch and configure it with all fields. Then copy the activity to the NO branch, remove the spouse-related fields and check the box for "remove unused fields". That will take care of cleaning up tags for the spouse section from the Word doc.

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