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Account migration tool moved all repo users even those without a named user license

asked on November 16, 2022

I may be misunderstanding, but here goes. The Account Migration Tool white paper says that some user types won't be migrated when using the tool:

Built in system users

Unlicensed accounts

I took unlicensed accounts to mean any users that were not assigned a Named User License. I just ran this tool and it brought all repo users (except for the ADMIN account which was excluded), including users that did not have a license. I expected those to be left behind.

Can someone please help clarify this for me, as I assumed otherwise.


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replied on November 16, 2022 Show version history

Sorry for the confusion here: we changed the functionality but some of our documentation was not updated. We are correcting this now.


The migration utility does migrate unlicensed users. They will be created in Directory Server with no license.


If you wish to prevent migration of these users, you can disable the users in the repository; the utility only migrates active users, skipping any marked as disabled.

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