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How can I create an API that imports Laserfiche PDF JPG documents

asked on September 27, 2022
Hello everyone,
I'm starting with Laserfiche, and I'm building a workflow that reads an API to save the files and the metadata of each record, I've tried creating a rule and a remote agent without success.
I ask all of you for support, I thank you.
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replied on September 27, 2022


This error message usually indicates that the local remote agent worker cannot access the script .dll. Please check out this document (especially No.4 and No.5) and make sure the script location is accessible to the remote agent worker.

In addition, if your script .dll references another .dll as a dependency, make sure that dependency .dll file is also located in the same place with your script .dll.


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replied on September 27, 2022

Thank you for the information but this not resolved.

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replied on October 3, 2022

Please provide more information on what the current error is or contact your solution provider to open a case with Tech Support to troubleshoot further.

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