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Fill Out PDF - Table (USPS Form 3877)

asked on September 19

Hello Laserfiche Community,


We're trying to use workflow to complete the USPS Proof of Mailing form (USPS Form 3877). We've gotten it to almost work but what it's doing right now is putting all the token values in each field instead of 1 value at a time and advancing field by field. I've attached our form which we created in our pdf editor. Maybe there's something wrong with it? And here's a screenshot of the table set up:


Would love any help on how to properly set this up. Happy to provide any additional info from our workflow that would be helpful.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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replied on September 26

In terms of the pdf-filling activity, that configuration does look correct - just to make sure there weren't any issues with it, I just tried filling your pdf locally using the table-filling option (and tokens I created in the sandbox workflow I published), and it worked as you would expect.

That said, while I can't see the rest of your workflow, I have a hunch what the issue might be: is the activity starting with "QueryAR_" that you're using for the source values, a sql lookup activity? Slightly confusingly, the output of a lookup activity isn't actually a multivalue token - the tokens output by Query Data, etc, are the values from the first row of the response. To get multi-value tokens with all the values from the lookup, you would need to create your own blank multivalue tokens, then iterate through the lookup results with a For Each Row activity, and append each value to the multivalue token:


Then you would have multivalue tokens that you can then use in filling a pdf table as above.

Let me know if that was helpful? And/or, if I guessed wrong about what type of activity the activity is whose name starts with "QueryAR_LossC", let me know what type of activity that is/how you're getting the data that you're attempting to populate the pdf with, and I might be able to be more helpful.

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replied on September 27

Thank you! I think we're good now!

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replied on September 27

Sorry one more question, what would the syntax be if we need to consider an empty value? For example, the Address Line 2 is sometimes empty and I think this is throwing off the results. 


I tried including a delimiter of " | " but then it was including that in the pdf form.

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