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database lookup showing results in the form of a table view and allow the user to choose from a list of extended values?

asked on September 19 Show version history

It there a way to do database lookup showing results in the form of a table view and allow the user to choose from a list of extended values. For example:

I want to lookup all employees with the Last name: Smith

I actually Want:

Smith, Joe , 12345

Currently I have to setup a lookup rule for lastname: and Populate the firstname field. and Employee number

When Multiple smiths are found I have to choose from the resulting Firstnames in that field.

If we had a Lookup view that allowed us to search by lastname but show a list of results with the expanded info showing all smiths along with firstname and Employee number. Then we could allow the user to make a much more intuitive choice as to which Smith, directly from the first DB lookup. Please let me know if this can be done. I have not figured out how as yet.


There are so many uses for this type of db Lookup experience.

I feel that many customers would benefit from this functionality out of the box. 

Many other systems have this type of functionality and it makes life easy for the user.


Milton Konstantinidis  

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replied on September 28

Are you saying you want a lookup field to concatenate fields together? 


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replied one day ago

No not to concatenate fields together, Rather to display a grouping of fields as the result of a search (db lookup rule) Lets say i want fill out a HR form for  Joe Smith.

I want to  choose Joe from a list of all the Personnel that have the last name Smith. The way it is now, i have to setup a rule for last name field. 

Then choose "Smith"

Then i have to go to the first name field and

then Choose "Joe"from a list of all the Smith's.

Would be nice if it could be setup when I type 'Smith' in the lastname field to show a list of all the Smiths including Lastname and Firstname 

 Then in one step the user can choose the correct Smith.

This would serve many scenarios, but this is a simple example. 

Hope that clarifies.

I'm not the best at explaining myself.

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