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Form Designer: field not flagging an error when value entered is less than 0

asked on September 18

I have a number field that I want to flag when a negative value is entered. I tested the Min/Max Number range feature in both the Classic Designer and Form Designer and it only works when using classic designer.


In Form Designer I tried a combination of configurations including:

  • using a range (0 - 10) - the test form will flag if the value is over 10 but not if it's less than 0
  • setting a default value of 0 for the field (no flags for negative values)


In all configurations, the form does not flag/show an error message when a negative value is entered.


What am I missing here?


Examples of classic vs form designer:


Classic designer set-up


Flags for negative value:


Form designer set-up





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replied on September 18

It is a bug for the new form designer when the minimum number or maximum number is 0. We will fix it in the next release of Forms. Can you set the minimum number to -0.01  as a workaround?

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replied on September 19

Yes, that seems to work. Thank you!

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