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SQL - lookup with hashtag failure

asked on September 18

In Laserfiche Cloud Process Automation.  Trying to do a SQL query and several of the columns have names with a # in them.  I didn't design nor do I have control of this database's design.  I get an error that it has 'Incorrect Syntax by the key word Check' and then it removes the # from the end of it.  In this example the field is named Check#.


This works fine in the onsite version of Laserfiche Workflow.

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replied on September 19

Hi Shawn, 

The team has investigated and determined this is a bug. If you'd like to track this issue, please have your Solution Provider file a Support Ticket and provide the bug number 395912.



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replied on September 20 Show version history

As an workaround for now.

You can build a "view" ( ) as the proxy of the issue table (column name contains hashtag). You would have control on the column name in the view.


Then create a data query rule query on view instead of original table.

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