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Deprecation Schedule for pre-release “v1-alpha” Laserfiche API Routes

posted on August 26, 2022 Show version history

UPDATE: The v1-alpha route deprecation has been temporarily delayed.  We are evaluating a new date that will provide all users with ample time to transition off of the v1-alpha version.  Stay tuned for a new announcement with an updated date soon.


The Laserfiche API “v1-alpha” routes are being deprecated and will be deactivated on December 1st, 2022.  The deprecated routes contain “v1-alpha” in the URL.  (see:

Please update your code to reference the released version “v1” Laserfiche API routes. (see:

To simplify the use of our Rest APIs, Laserfiche is supporting publicly available client libraries via NPM and NuGet. See Laserfiche API developer documentation at for more details.

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replied on August 30, 2022

Hi Andrew, thanks for the advanced notice.  We're using the v1-alpha endpoint


Can you guide us on the correct usage once the alpha version retires? We are using power automate for api calls into LF, passing the service principle username and password to return an authorization token.

Then we create a folder


Then we populate field meta{outputs('Folder_EntryID')}/template


One more question, the service principle accounts expire after just three months meaning we must create new keys and update the web requests.  Is there a more resilient method we could use?

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replied on March 29, 2023

Hi, we've created a guide on using the Laserfiche APIs from low code tools, like Power Automate. Please check it out and let us know if you have any questions

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replied on September 1, 2022 Show version history

Hi Sean,

The short answer for a Service OAuth App is:
1)    Use Token endpoint (grant_type = client_credentials) to obtain an Access Token using the Access Keys exported from your Developer Console – App Configuration
2)    Use the Access Token value in Authorization header to access Repository API
3)    If HTTP 401 response (usually due to token expired) go to step 1 to get a new token an retry

For the longer answer, we’ll provide a more detailed guide in Laserfiche Developer Portal and update this post when ready.

Regarding your second question, Service Principal Key Expiration is configurable and can be disabled.

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replied on September 13, 2022 Show version history

Hi Paulo, we've been all through the links you sent but don't get it sorry. Can we see a worked example or something to follow?  Are we still able to use our service principle keys to generate a token? We don't understand this registration concept properly?  The clock is ticking on the retirement date and we have live customers with dependencies on the v1-alpha end point - can we get some help to cut over?

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replied on September 13, 2022 Show version history

Sean, I understand your confusion and we are working on a more detailed guide that should help.  Also, we will most definitely ensure that the v1-alpha deprecation doesn't impact your customers.  Hopefully we will have something for you soon!

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replied on September 14, 2022

OK, as long as there is some flexibility around the end off v1-alpha, ie please don't deactivate it without giving us enough time to implement the guide - once it becomes available. It might be necessary to extend the cut off by some time if there is a delay in the guide -  is that agreed?

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replied on September 26, 2022

Hi, we have another api connection to set up with Laserfiche cloud and would really appreciate access to that guide, even in a draft format or could there be a quick remote meeting with our guys to understand what work is required? If its better we wait it out then can you clarify the assurance that our customers wont be impacted by v1-alpha shutdown.  Can we understand this means the shutdown will not proceed until there has been sufficient time for an orderly transition to occur?   We are keen to cooperate with the transition, we just want to ensure we are communicating our concern the announced date is rapidly approaching and while we wait, we are building additional connections that will need to be changed to accommodate the new process - what ever that becomes. thanks and best wishes for a successful transition

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replied on September 27, 2022

We will ensure that existing users of v1-alpha are fully migrated before we actually shut down that endpoint.  I will reach out to you via email so we can discuss in more detail.

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