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Save the Date – Empower Will Be Back In-Person!

posted on August 11, 2022

We are excited to announce the following dates and locations for next year’s in-person Empower conferences:

  • Empower Orlando | Rosen Centre Orlando | April 4-5, 2023
  • Empower Dallas | Sheraton Dallas Hotel | April 20-21, 2023
  • Empower Southern California | Spring 2023 – more info coming soon!


Empower is being reimagined as a series of regional, in-person events, designed for the new hybrid work-life. Each regional event will provide the same educational sessions that will include both hands-on training and live networking activities that will appeal to IT professionals, decision makers, and members of the wider Laserfiche community.

Registration for Empower will open later this fall, so stay tuned for more information and updates.

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replied on August 11, 2022

I hope the Southern California conference is going back to being a four day conference.  I'm not sure that a two day conference can offer enough educational sessions to satisfy everyone and allow scheduling flexibility to attend all you want .


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replied on August 19, 2022

Good afternoon -

All three events will have the same two-day agenda of classes.  Our third location should be announced shortly.  Just ironing out the details.  

Later this fall, we will also announce our calendar of 2023 instructor led trainings, offering plenty of opportunities for learning.  You will have the chance to look at our full schedule and decide where and how you would like to attend additional training classes.

Have a great weekend!

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replied on August 11, 2022

I hope to make it out for Southern California! I hear Ventura is a great place for things like this wink

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replied on August 18, 2022

I noticed the teaser site hasn't been updated with any information. Do we know when it will be?

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replied on August 19, 2022

Are these the only dates/locations, or will more be announced later? 

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replied on August 24, 2022

Any information on what registration costs might run?
Our agency is currently budgeting next year's expenses and we're trying to allocate enough funds to have several staff members attend. 

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replied on August 26, 2022 Show version history

Not quite yet.  I would expect we will confirm that in late September/October.  Those decisions are in the works

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replied on September 15, 2022

Even if the exact location is not yet known for the event in SoCAL, do you at least have the dates that the conference in CA will be held?

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replied on September 15, 2022 Show version history

Good afternoon- 

The dates and locations were announced in the newsletter a few weeks ago, so sorry that you missed it.  If you don't receive our regular newsletters and woujld like to get our updates, please sign up here.   

We have also updated the Empower site.  You can find the dates and locations at the following address:

The southern California event will be in Long Beach, May 31-June 1.  The agenda is in the planning stages right now.  Information on pricing and registration will be available later this fall.

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replied on January 11 Show version history

What time is the last course going to be on the second day? I cant seem to find a an agenda/schedule on the Empower site. I haven't registered yet, just trying to figure out flights and hotel arrangements.

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